Here we go: STARFACE NEON video meetings can be initiated directly from the STARFACE client as of today

Today is the day: Video meetings using our video meeting solution STARFACE NEON can be initiated directly from the STARFACE UCC client, because STARFACE NEON has become an integral part of the STARFACE UCC client! This also means saying goodbye to the free public beta version of STARFACE NEON.…

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Off to the Home Office With STARFACE!

The second Corona-related shutdown in Germany has been initiated. Even though most companies are currently not affected by the shutdown measures and their employees are very much allowed or required to go to work, the German government has issued an urgent recommendation: Home offices should be permitted, where possible.…

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STARFACE NEON wins Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award 2020

The US publisher TMC has presented the “Teleworking Solutions Excellence 2020 Award” to the new video meeting platform STARFACE NEON.

TMC awards the Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award 2020 to solutions that enable companies to implement efficient teleworking systems. Particularly during the current Covid 19 crisis, teleworking guarantees the continued existence of many companies.…

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