New version of the STARFACE mobile client for Android available

Version of the STARFACE client for Android is now available in the Google Play Store. In addition to several bug fixes, the new client has usability improvements:

Technical revision of the menu items iFMC and Redirection as well as the Profile tab  

Prompt to change the password of new users the first time they log in

If users cannot log in because light users no longer have any uci rights, the following error message appears: “Login failed: you do not have the required authorization.…

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Enhanced feature set for STARFACE NEON

A few weeks ago, we carried out a survey among the users of STARFACE NEON Public Beta. Many thanks for your extensive feedback and suggestions!

Based on this user feedback, we are continuing to develop STARFACE NEON on a permanent basis and have already extended several features over the last few weeks:

  • Extension to 24 participants
  • Multi-participant view, even with fullscreen
  • Optimization of bandwidth management
  • Stability with network fluctuations

And now, a further frequently requested feature for STARFACE NEON is available: the chat!…

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STARFACE NEON wins Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award 2020

The US publisher TMC has presented the “Teleworking Solutions Excellence 2020 Award” to the new video meeting platform STARFACE NEON.

TMC awards the Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award 2020 to solutions that enable companies to implement efficient teleworking systems. Particularly during the current Covid 19 crisis, teleworking guarantees the continued existence of many companies.…

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